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DYNAMIQ and BOEGER BERATUNG is collaborating on projects together to increase Medical Device companies' value and success.

DYNAMIQ doesn't just sell market intelligence, and BOEGER BERATUNG doesn't just sell product management. Instead, both have established themselves as consulting brands in the Medical Device industry - in particular, within In-Depth Market Data & Analysis, Developing & Marketing of Medical Devices and Strategy development.

These shared values make them a perfect pairing for a Strategic Alliance, especially those surrounding Business Development projects in the Medical Device industry. For this reason, DYNAMIQ and BOEGER BERATUNG present “MEDICTIVE”.

To make “MEDICTIVE” work, DYNAMIQ equips Medical Device companies from around the world with robust Market Analysis. At the same time, BOEGER BERATUNG uses its experience and reputation to run typical product management projects operationally inside Medical Device companies.

“MEDICTIVE” is allowing us to complement the offer," said Helmuth Boeger, BOEGER BERATUNG’s commercial director. “MEDICTIVE” allows us to further help companies grow their business,” said Lennart Stadler, founder of DYNAMIQ.

MEDICTIVE: „Take your Business to the next Altitude“

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